I began producing an expose of people passing by me whilst I stationed myself on the boardwalk at Bondi Beach during the 2021 lockdown.
I sometimes spent hours sitting in the same spot allowing what I would witness to unfold for me.
I was curious if my keen interest in "people watching" was always going to culminate in a series of photos like this. However, it became aware to me the reasons I would or wouldn't take a photo of certain people. I was becoming more aware of what I noticed in people which made me question whether I saw something of myself in them.
Particularly in the polarities.
Each Day, I noticed what I was noticing was different. However there was no conceptual effort.
I started to walk the boardwalk
Which created a whole concept of what we witness in passing by and how I became present in the images in the interactions with the subjects.
Some heroes were emerging amongst the boardwalk and Bondi was garnering a well deserved reputation of a people pretending they were above the law.
Inconclusively, the direction of what I valued allowed me to consider the roles in which we play in any given moment. What we wear and what is fashioned on us manifests from a deepening story in expression of who we are. It's an evolution which seems to be in pattern with nature and our friction against it.
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